Aref Niazi (Niazi) , Painter, Portraitist. known for his unique style of painting.
At the age of 18, he was pursuing art professionally. He attended several festivals and throughout a few years, he achieved over 30 awards both nationally and internationally. One of his strong traits was the special style he exercised. At the age of 20, he had his first sale in a physical form, it was the first painting that he had drawn. Most of his life’s beginnings occurred during his life in that distant village where he had to travel 60 kilometers to obtain a piece of paper, he lived there until he was 22. His physical artworks gained a lot of attraction to the point where people would buy them before he started drawing. He incorporated different textures and forms that aided him in the visualization of the feelings and their explicit transfer to the observer. At first, he used oil color on massive canvases. Later on, he utilized watercolor and various other materials. For a few years, he attempted to practice the same visualization of feelings with the simplest shapes such as squares, triangles, and diamonds. All these years his main subject was portrait and it still is. He seeks simple but profound stories. He portrays a simple carpenter living in a different world. He draws a person who goes to a certain location every day without knowing why, the face of his neighbor whose look, is utter of something odd. He draws his profile, or himself, they don’t look like him but, they are him. He doesn’t draw other celebrities as everyone already knows them. Sometimes he draws his imaginary stories and presents their personalities. Next to these, he illustrates the notions of being a human. Sadness, happiness, fear, anger, love, freedom, and… In short, he’s looking for the most unique things and aspires to also create the most unique artworks.

• First prize of 4th International Biennial Book Cartoon Contest Tehran – 2019
• Winner of Best artist award fax cartoon festival for Peace Italy – 2017
• Winner of The First International Caricature Portrait Festival  Beijing – 2018
• Third prize of 11th Tehran international cartoon biennial – 2017
• Winner of Poster design competition of 3rd International Exhibition Sisak MIKS – 2017
• Grand Prize of  15th FreeCartoonsWeb International Cartoonet Festival – 2016
• Silver Prize of  14th FreeCartoonsWeb International Cartoonet Festival – 2015
• Bronze Prize of 13th FreeCartoonsWeb International Cartoonet Festival – 2014
• Special Diploma Of 9th Caricature Contest “Nosorog” Bosnia Herzegovina – 2017
• Special award of 4th international art festival resistance – 2017
• Special award of 2nd International Cartoon exhibition MIKS rock and roll Croatia – 2016
• First Place of The 24th Universitarian Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba UNIMEP Brazil – 2016
• Third Place of 2nd International Cartoon Contest and Graphic Humor Noticartun Colombia – 2015
• Second prize of international cartoon and caricature against terrorism Tehran – 2015
• Bronze prize of The 9th International Cartoon Contest SYRIA – 2014
• Selected of The 3rd International Caricature Art Competition CHINA – 2015
• Selected of The 23th Universitarian Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba UNIMEP Brazil – 2015
• Selected Of Salon International Graphic Humor “Sihg” Brazil – 2016
• Selected of the 1st International Exhibition of Latin American Humor – 2016
• Selected VIII International Festival Of Humor Amazon Brazil – 2016
• Selected in exhibition of 8th Fadjr International Festival of Visual Arts – 2016
• Selected  Of The 12th INTERNATIONAL LIMEIRA HUMOR HALL Brazil – 2016
• Last 30 Selected Of Caricature Contest “Nosorog” Bosnia Herzegovina – 2016

• Selected of 26th festival of visual arts for young artists – 2019
• Selected of 24th festival of visual arts for young artists – 2017
• Selected of 23th festival of visual arts for young artists – 2016
• Selected of 22th festival of visual arts for young artists – 2015
• Second prize of “Art of young” visual arts festival
Tehran – 2019
• Special award of 9th festival of North Khorasan Bojnord – 2018
• Special Diploma of IMAGE OF THE YEAR  Tehran – 2018
• Special Diploma of IMAGE OF THE YEAR  Tehran – 2017
• Third Place of 2nd Lake Urmia cartoon national festival Tabriz – 2016
• First place of 26th festival of Farhangian University Cartoon Tabriz – 2016
• Special Prize of 1st Press cartoon and caricature national festival Tabriz – 2015

• Jury members of the 5th International book cartoon contest -2021

• Participate in several exhibitions in Brazil , Portugal , Argentina , Bosnia , Croatia , Germany , Colombia , China , Romano , Turkey , and …