My journey

Aref Niazi

Aref Niazi

I am Aref Niazi. This thread is about my journey, artistry, and technique. I was born in a distant village with little to no resources. My father was an everyday laborer but after work, he managed to do calligraphy solely due to his passion for art.

I also did a lot of painting with the support of my family behind me. I was raised in nature and gained the most impact from the wilds and my youth. My childhood was a tough and dark one with no friends nevertheless,
it taught me various lessons which led to my fast mental maturity. Throughout my life, from childhood up until now, I have been working diligently to paint what I had to say or illustrate what is needed to be seen.
My enthusiasm towards Mathematics steered my career into the fields of Mathematics however, due to the financial needs of my family I had to quit my electrical engineering course and became a teacher through a scholarship.
Tuition fees of the university were expensive and I had to support my family financially. This was the most substantial decision of my life and an opportunity. At the age of 18, I was pursuing art professionally as well as both, my job and university.
I attended several festivals and throughout a few years, I’ve achieved over 40 awards both nationally and internationally. One of my strong traits was the special style I exercised. At the age of 20, I had my first sale in a physical form,
it was the first painting that I had drawn. Most of my life’s beginnings occurred during my life in that distant village where I had to travel 60 kilometers in order to obtain a piece of paper, I had lived there until I was 22.
My physical artworks gained a lot of attraction to the point where people would buy them before I even started drawing. I incorporated different textures and forms that aided me in the visualization of the feelings and their explicit transfer to the observer. At first,
I used oil color on massive canvases. Later on, I utilized watercolor and various other materials. During a few years, I attempted to practice the same visualization of the feelings with the simplest shapes such as square, triangle, and diamond.
All these years my main subject was portrait and it still is. I seek simple but profound stories. I portray a simple carpenter living in a different world. I draw a person who goes to a certain location every day without knowing why, the face of my neighbor whose look,
utter of something odd. I draw my profile, or myself, they don’t look like me but, they are me. I don’t draw other celebrities as everyone already knows them. Sometimes I draw my imaginary stories and present their personalities. Next to these,
I illustrate the notions of being a human. Sadness, happiness, fear, anger, love, freedom, and … In short, I’m looking for the most unique things and aspire to also create the most unique artworks.

Thank you for being with me on this journey

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